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The state budgetary healthcare institution of the Leningrad region "Toksovskaya Interdistrict hospital" has been providing highly qualified medical care for more than 100 years.

Divisions of the Toksovskaya hospital are located on a large territory of the Vsevolozhsky district and serve the population of eight settlements. In addition to the hospital and emergency Department, we provide assistance in three clinics, eight outpatient clinics and seven paramedic-midwifery centers.

More than 2,500 people come to our doctors and nurses every day, and more than 100 people go to the hospital's emergency Department every day for hospitalization and emergency care. Emergency medical teams respond to emergency calls up to 120 times a day. Our team consists of about 1000 people, including doctors of the first and highest categories, candidates of medical Sciences.

Medical assistance to foreign citizens temporarily staying or permanently residing in the Russian Federation, is in GBUZ LO "Toksovskoe MB" in accordance with the Decree of the RF Government dated 06.03.2016 g №186 "On approval of rules of rendering of medical aid to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation":

  • foreign nationals who are insured persons in accordance with the Federal law "On mandatory medical insurance in the Russian Federation" have the right to free medical assistance within the framework of compulsory medical insurance;
  • medical assistance to foreign citizens is provided in accordance with contracts for the provision of paid medical services or contracts for voluntary medical insurance.

Medical services are provided by Toksovskaya MB on the basis of the list of works (services) constituting medical activity and specified in the license for medical activity of the LAW-47-01-002401 from December 29, 2020 by the health Committee of the Leningrad region (location: 113 Nevsky Ave., Saint Petersburg, 191024; tel. 717-65-01).

You can find the price List of paid medical services here.

List of medical services provided

State medical INSTITUTION LO "Toksovskaya MB" on the basis of the hospital and polyclinic "Toksovo" provides the following medical services to foreign citizens:

For any questions regarding paid services (list of services, cost, treatment conditions) you can contact by e-mail: priem@mail.trbzdrav.ru

Algorithm for contacting a medical organization for a foreign patient

  • 0.You have already chosen our medical orgnization
  • 1 You havedecided on the direction of the requested medical attention
  • 2 Received the consultations and confirmation of treatment (by phone +or by e-mail priem@mail.trbzdrav.ru):
    • 2.1 according to the conditions of treatment
    • 2.2 on the preparation of the necessary documents
    • 2.3 according to the preliminary calculation of the cost
  • 3.Select suitable options for accommodation and transport:
    • 3.1 in case of inpatient treatment - through the hospital administration
    • 3.2 in case of outpatient treatment - on their own
    • 3.2.1 to select accommodation options, we recommend using the services: www.booking.com
      or contact a tour operator or an assistance organization for help
    • 3.2.2 to select modes of transport, we recommend using the services:
      l Public transport: Yandex.Transport
      l Car rental (car sharing): Yandex.Drive, Anytime, MatreshCar, TimCar
      l Maps of Russian cities: Yandex.Maps, Google maps, 2GIS (offline maps)
      l Sights of Russia: TripAdvisor, Triposo, Redigo
  • 4 Apply for a visa to arrive in Russia
      VALIDITY: Up to 30 days
      FOR WHOM: Foreigners arriving with tourist purposes on a specialized tour for medical consultations and for medical examination
      VALIDITY: Up to 90 days
      FOR WHOM: Foreigners arriving for treatment, examination, medical consultations at the invitation of a medical institution (except for targeted tourism for the purpose of treatment) and emergency treatment
      VALIDITY: Up to 90 days
      FOR WHOM: Aliens arriving for emergency treatment or due to a serious illness or death of a close relative

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