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Massage is a well-known procedure that, if performed correctly, is not only pleasant, but also quite useful. The importance of massage in medical practice has been proved experimentally.it serves as an important component of treatment and prevention of a large number of diseases independently and as part of complex therapy.

Today, there are many types of massage. One of the most common among them is the classic General massage, which includes the treatment of the entire human body. It gained its popular for a reason – the procedure has a huge number of advantages, among which are:

  • a beneficial effect on the nervous system (this normalization of sleep, and getting rid of intense stress, as well as many other positive things);
  • tonic effect on the body;
  • relieving increased muscle tension;
  • improving the condition of the skin by clearing the keratinized layer;
  • acceleration of metabolism (metabolic processes) throughout the body;
  • improving blood and lymph circulation;
  • General massage helps to cleanse the body and reduce weight;
  • increased tone of the vessel walls;
  • assistance in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems;
  • as well as a number of other positive effects.

It should also be borne in mind that massage is a medical procedure that has a list of absolute and relative contraindications.

It is strictly forbidden to perform massage in the following cases:

  • oncological disease;
  • gangrene;
  • peripheral vascular atherosclerosis;
  • acute myocardial ischemic disease;
  • vascular and heart aneurysms accompanied by cerebral crises;
  • pulmonary edema;
  • chronic kidney and liver diseases;
  • serious mental disorders;
  • internal bleeding;
  • open form of tuberculosis;

Relative contraindications of massage are:

  • increased body temperature;
  • diseases and infections of the skin (fungal, bacterial);
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • skin damage accompanied by inflammatory processes;
  • ORVI;
  • pregnancy;
  • the period of menstruation;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • alcohol or drug intoxication;
  • Hypo-or hypertonic crisis.

General body massage requires certain conditions to achieve maximum effect:

  • the procedure must be performed on a special table;
  • after eating, it should take 1-1. 5 hours;
  • the areas of the body to be worked on should be bare;
  • it is possible to use oil or cream, as well as medicinal ointments according to the doctor's instructions;
  • before the procedure, it is recommended to take a warm shower and relax as much as possible, both physically and mentally.

Important! General classical massage should be performed by a qualified masseur! Violations in the technique of performing the procedure may not only not bring the desired results, but also harm Your body.

Trusting your body and health to our specialists, you are guaranteed to receive a careful attitude, professional approach and maximum effect from the procedures performed. A pleasant addition will be a reasonable price for General massage services.

Technology for performing General massage

General classical massage is performed by a special method using certain movements: stroking, kneading, rubbing, shaking.

An important role is played by strict adherence to the sequence of the studied sections. The patient is placed on the stomach, and the following areas are worked out:

  1. heads;
  2. General massage of the back;
  3. forearms and neck;
  4. study of the lumbar region and the upper part of the buttocks;
  5. massage the back of the legs and lower buttocks;

Next, the patient takes a lying position on his back, and begins massaging the front of the body in the following sequence:

  1. belly;
  2. legs (the front surface);
  3. breast;
  4. arms.

The duration of the massage session, as well as their number are determined by an expert depending on the individual patient characteristics (such as body type), the type and degree of diseases, directly targets massage (therapeutic or preventive) and the desired effect. As a rule, the course takes from 10 to 15 sessions, and the procedure itself on average lasts 1.5 hours.

You can take a course of General classical massage in the branches of the state medical INSTITUTION LO "Toksovskaya MB" at the following addresses:

p. Toksovo, Bulanova str., 18, hospital GBUZ LO "Toksovskaya MB", Department of physiotherapy, phone for recording:

8 (81370) 57-171

Tsymbalova Evgeniya Alekseevna

Novoe Devyatkino, Energetikov str., 4, Novoe Devyatkino polyclinic, you can make an appointment by phone:

+7 (81370)-43-154, 383-59-95

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