Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medicine in Russia has a colossal history and rich traditions, which are perfectly combined with the latest technologies introduced daily in Russian medical organizations. Doctors-professionals in their field successfully cope with the most complex tasks, brilliantly performing surgical operations, accurately establishing diagnoses and competently

In the Russian Federation, high-quality medical care is provided for a wide range of nosologies, and the cost of medical services in Russia is significantly lower than in most other countries.

According to the Russian Ministry of health, 120,000 foreign citizens were treated in Russia in 2017, and 300,000 in 2018 The positive trend is an absolute confirmation that foreign patients have a positive attitude to treatment in Russia. Discover Russia from a new perspective-we invite you to visit Russia with health benefits! Welcome to Medical Russia!

Why come to Russia for treatment?

  • highly skilled doctor;
  • higher chances of getting quality medical care;
  • accurate diagnosis and effective treatment;
  • individual approach to patients;
  • a wide range of available medical services.

More information about exporting medical services can be found at the official resource of the "Medical tourism in Russia"

Medical tourism in the Leningrad region

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