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Единая служба обращений 122

Скорая помощь 112

Справочная служба 8 (81370) 43-156

Вызов врача на дом возможен до 14.00 по номеру телефона


Справочная служба Токсовской КМБ

Тел.: 8 (81370) 43-156
(рабочие дни - 09:00-17:00)

Запись на прием осуществляется по тел. 122 и через портал Госуслуги

Запись к специалистам через портал Госуслуги для НЕприкрепленного к ГБУЗ ЛО "Токсовская КМБ" населения невозможна!

Информация о поступивших и находящихся В ПРИЕМНОМ ОТДЕЛЕНИИ стационара пациентах

Тел.: +7 (981) 697-29-52

Платные услуги

Стационара: +7 (911) 010-52-45
Поликлиник: +7 (911) 957-52-03


Работа с обращениями граждан

Тел.: 8 (911) 962-14-03
(рабочие дни - 08:00-16:00, в выходные и праздничные дни телефон не работает! Вызова не принимаются!)

E-mail: obr_gr@mail.ru

Each of us has at least once in our lives experienced painful sensations in the back area. The reasons for this condition can be hypodynamia, " sedentary "or - on the contrary - "standing" work, shoes with high heels, intense physical activity, and much more. As a result-stiffness in movements, rapid fatigue, sometimes irritability and other unpleasant things.

You can get rid of this by using the "Healthy back"program.

программа здоровая спина

Who is this program for

The program is designed for everyone who wants to take care of their back health, for those who have sedentary or physically difficult work, for those who suffer from chronic back pain.

During the program, blood circulation improves, the correct ratio of vertebrae is restored, numbness and unpleasant sensations in the back pass. The comprehensive program "Healthy back" is designed for men and women of all ages, with different back problems.

Expected result:

Physiotherapy allows you to achieve the following results in the treatment of back diseases:

  • reduction of inflammatory processes;
  • activation of regenerative processes;
  • reducing pain;
  • improving blood circulation and tissue nutrition;
  • restoring the body's defenses;
  • prevention of complications.

What is included in the program

  • Specialist advice. During the consultation, the main health problems are identified, the severity and solutions are determined.
  • Back massage. Massage has a unique effect on the body. The mechanism of the healing effect is associated with the activation of the nervous system, which is responsible for many life processes. A special technique of influence on the muscles allows you to remove their spasm, and therefore painful sensations. Thanks to massage, blood supply and nutrition of muscle tissues are improved, which also contributes to the normalization of the patient's condition.
  • power shower. It has a multi-sided effect on the human body. Under the influence of water jets, the following changes occur in the body: improving blood circulation throughout the body, the entire body becomes toned, reducing pain, restoring the body's defenses, preventing complications.
  • Amplipulse. This is a procedure that is performed using a device with the same name. The action of the procedure is as follows: certain areas of the human body are affected by electrodes with alternating currents, the frequency of which is 2 – 5 kHz. The current acts on the tissue gently, the skin receptors do not experience irritation, and the patient – burning. This is a painless procedure that brings the patient relief and recovery. The current is able to penetrate deeply into the tissues of diseased organs, where they excite the endings of nerve cells and muscle fibers. This allows you to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, and stimulate cellular nutrition in this area.

Program cost

Consultation of a physiotherapist + 5 massage procedures + 5 Charcot shower procedures + 5 amplipulse procedures = 8,220 rubles.

Consultation of a physiotherapist + 10 massage procedures + 10 Charcot shower procedures + 10 amplipulse procedures = 15,720 rubles.

More detailed information can be obtained from the head of the physiotherapy Department Tsymbalova E.A. by phone 8 (81370) 57-171

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