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When a person experiences stress with its signs: depression, poor sleep and appetite, irritability, the body quickly ages, the immune system falls and serious diseases appear.

In this case, the Antistress program will come to the rescue.

программа Антистресс

Who is this program for

This program is shown to absolutely all people who experience increased emotional stress. The complex of procedures "Antistress" will be irreplaceable for managers of various levels, employees of law enforcement and law enforcement agencies, people of public professions.

Expected result:

Physiotherapy allows you to achieve the following results: normalization of the nervous and vascular system; improving the quality of life, eliminating chronic fatigue; reducing symptoms of irritation, anxiety, and depression; improved sleep.

What is included in the program

  • Consultation of a physical therapist. The consultation identifies the main problems and ways to solve them.
  • Massage of the collar zone. Massage has a unique effect on the body. Because of the wrong position, an uncomfortable chair, the body becomes numb, the muscles become inflamed. In the neck area, such symptoms can lead to a decrease in blood flow to the brain, drowsiness, burning in the muscles, and pain. The procedure of massage of the collar zone is important not only for medical purposes, but also for preventive purposes, in order to prevent the development of diseases. This massage will relieve puffiness, increase muscle tone, relieve muscle spasms, reduce the thickness of the fat layer, normalize the mobility of the neck, improve blood flow to the brain, correct posture, eliminate hypertonia, increase mental and physical performance, improve sleep and cheer up.
  • Circular douche. The shower is a system of horizontal circulation (arranged in a circle) tubes of small diameter, on the inner surface of which there are multiple holes through which water under pressure is directed to Your body. Thin jets perform a stabbing action, irritating peripheral receptors. As a result, the circular shower has a restorative and tonic effect, increases emotional and physical activity, increases blood flow to all internal organs, strengthens the immune system, helps to harden the body, stimulates and excites the nervous system.

Darsonval of the collar area and the scalp area. It has a restorative, soothing and symptomatic effect, normalizes the functional state of the main nervous processes and, in particular, strengthens the inhibitory and weakens the excitatory processes.

Program cost

Consultation of a physiotherapist + 5 massage procedures + 5 circular shower procedures + 5 darsonvalization procedures = 6220 rubles.

Consultation of a physiotherapist + 10 massage procedures + 10 circular shower procedures + 10 darsonvalization procedures = 11720 rubles.

More detailed information can be obtained from the head of the physiotherapy Department Tsymbalova E. A. by phone 8 (81370) 57-171

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