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Mammography – is one of the most effective ways to diagnose breast diseases in women.

is one of the most effective ways to diagnose breast diseases in women.

Indications for mammography

  • the presence of seals in the breast tissue,
  • complaints about the sinking or swelling of any part of the gland,
  • discharge from the nipple, changing its shape,
  • breast tenderness, swelling, and size changes.

For preventive purposes, mammography should be performed annually for all healthy women after the age of 40, and even more frequently (once every six months) starting from the age of 50. For diagnostic purposes, mammography can be performed 2, 3, or even 5 times a month.

Contraindications to the examination

Absolute contraindications-pregnancy and lactation (breast-feeding).

When to be examined

The most accurate and painless breast examination will be from the 7th to the 12th day after the beginning of menstruation. If a woman is no longer menstruating, that is, she is in menopause, then mammography can be done at any time.

Toksovskaya MB offers to perform mammography (with recording to disk) on a paid basis

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